We Raise Hell, Bitch. Mother fucking hell, Bitch

Welcome to Hell Raisers. Leave Your Soul at the Door.

We Raise Hell, Bitch. Motherfucking Hell, Bitch
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Telling the story of Inkkneedle's Six and myjadedhavok's Emmy
Welcome to Hell Raisers.

Leave your soul at the door.

Open your heart to sin.

We are the Lost, the Broken.

The Abandoned, the Aubsed.

We are Angels, Fallen from grace.

Against all odds we found each other.

And we are never letting go.

We are dark. Twisted.

We are pain and we are fear.

We are beautiful.

Welcome to Hell Raisers.

Leave your soul at the door.

Two souls reside upon these pages, two hearts and two minds. We are Emmy and Six. We started as friends, we were once lovers, and we shall forever remain soulmates. You don't have to like us... In fact, you can fuck off.

This is who we are and we are not ashamed. This is our story.

This ride that takes me through life, leads me into darkness but emerges into light. No one can ever slow me down; I'll stay unbound.

Technically, I suppose my name is Emily, but call me that and I will hunt you down and shove something unpleasant up your ass. It's Emmy, bitches, and don't you fucking forget it. I'm 23. I'm a mother fucking rock star. You can kiss my ass.

So, here's the low down. I play bass in a band called Genisis 120 with my best friends. We're fucking amazing and we're gonna fucking rule the world. I love music, I have for as long as I can remember. Music is my life, my everything. Nikki Sixx is my fucking idol.

I met my best friend when I was twelve. Her name was Jess Hansen and she saved my life. She's my angel. You can call her Six. She's my mother fucking soulmate and any asshole who fucks with her, fucks with me, and I promise you I'll fuck you up.

I'm a lesbian but I'd fuck the shit out of Johnny fucking Christ. I've been with my partner, Outrageous (yah, no joke, that really is her name), since I was nineteen. She's fucking amazing and I love her more than anything in the world, aside from Six who I love in a completely different way.

I'm covered in tattoos. I have more than I can count and somedays I can't keep track of them all. I'm a walking piece of artwork and I love that about myself. My favorite ones are my portraits, especially the one of my brother Noble over my heart and the one of me and Six on my ribs.

I have an obsession with vampires and, in fact, wear platinum fangs. I'll tear your mother fucking throat out, baby, and make you like it.

What the fuck else do you want to know about me? I have my issues but then everyone does. You want to know something, ask me. I'll tell you straight up. I'm brutally honest like that because I don't give a fuck if the truth hurts. Life hurts, get the fuck use to it.


I'm Six. Fuck you, that's my name, and I'm never going back to being Jessica. Too many good memories of what's now a past life. I'm 23, just like my Emmy. I'm Italian. When you see me eating, don't fuck with my food, because I'll bite your damn hand off.

I play in Genesis 120 with my best friends, and I sing. I play drums in studio, but when we're on stage, I'm the mother fucking lead singer, bitch. Music, as well as my best fucking friends in Avenged Sevenfold, Jacoby Shaddix, Emmy, and my boys at Chrome Inkk, are what make me, me.

But my best fucking friend in the world is Emmy, and she's my other half. I will never love anyone like I love her. She's the Nikki and I'm her Tommy. The Tom to my Mark. The Jade to my Davey. We fit. We make the world fucking spin. One day we'll all live happily ever after and we'll be able to forget about everything except our family and friends.

I love piercings. I love tattoos. I love anything that has to do with either, besides the diseases. If I had anymore room on my body, I'd get more. I've got my lip and eyebrow pierced, and even though you can't see it, I've got my fucking bridge pierced, too. My favorite tattoos are my portrait of Emmy and my dedication to Jacoby on my arm.

I'm single right now. And I'm bi. After dating Brian - Synyster fucking Gates, to you - and our breakup, I don't think I can handle any more pain right now. I still love him and his boyfriend, Mr. Zacky V, to death, but I just can't see myself with someone. I'm in love. I'm not in love. I don't know what to say.

I like drinking. A lot. Pass me a beer, Heineken please. It's progress from heroin and cocaine. That shit's all in my past now and I've been clean of all drugs for almost three years now.

That's all you really need to fucking know. You want more? Tell me. I'm going to fuck around with my drums for a little bit.

We're all falling forward, with no signs of slow. And some moving faster, but that's all that I wanted, I wanted.

NOTE: We're not serious about half the fucking shit we put here. Don't get bent out of shape and freak out. No, neither of us have dated Brian. And no, Syn isn't with Zacky V (or, at least, so they claim). We are two girls having fun so take a fucking chill pill and relax.